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Earl Waggoner
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Francis Xavier
Co_Founder of the Jesuit Order and Missionary to Japan
Mission to Japan

Hinz Fine Art
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16th Century: The first 100 years of the Globalization of trade

St. Francis Xavier one of the founidng members of the Jesuit Order
Francis Xavier (1506-1552) co-founder of the Jesuit Order makes Asia and Japan his personal mission field. The story of the patron saint of Christian missions to Asia and Japan is set in a historical background the richness of which few have understood or fully appreciated.

The 16th Century and the first 100 years of the Globalization of trade

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Earl Waggoner's
"Navajo Life in the 1950's" Exhibition.

Fine art Prints for your Home Decor The late Earl Waggoner spent years in the Navajo Nation, capturing it's culture and history on film. His worked has been restored and archived for viewing. Available as fine art prints for your personal home decor.

Here's a taste.

Chester Comstock Sculpture Studio

Art gallery of fine art bronze sculptureFor over 30 years, Chester Comstock has been masterfully creating bronze wildlife sculpture. His work is in the collections of golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Joseph Pulitzer Jr. and the Audubon Society. In association with, Chester's work is now available direct from the artist himself. Check out his online art gallery and have a look at his latest projects. Chester's early work has been evaluated by appraiser's at three to four tmes its's sales price for the secondary art markets. Chester's art has been collected internationally and is found in the home decor of the celebrities and collectors. Chester's art is primarily designed for home decor.
See Chester's Bronze Sculpture Studio and Art Gallery

Hinz Fine Art

Visit Tim Hinz Art Studio Hinz Fine Art Studio was created in 1985 and has fulfilled over 350 commissioned works for churches throughout the United States. Our goal is to assist you in the design, creation and installation of furnishings, sculpture and fine art for your church.

Hinz Fine Art offers a selection of fine Jewelry

Go to Hinz Fine Art Studio

Alonzo Clemons, Prodigious Savant

Visit Alonzo Clemons online gallery
Alonzo Clemons is a PRODIGIOUS SAVANT
with a photographic memory and mental abilities similar to the character portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rain Man.

You are invited to visit our artist's studio featuring Alonzo's story and artwork

Hitter's Hands

Bronze Sculpture What do Ted Williams, Todd Helton and Ralph Kiner have in common besides hitting the cover off baseballs? They've all had their hands cast in bronze sculpture by Raelee Frazier. This art is ideally suited for the home decor of the sports enthusiast.

Have a look.

Steve Boyce

Boyce Bronze Casting has been providing full service bronze casting services since 1986. Located at 5555 Harlan Street in Arvada, Colorado.

Also the location of Boyce Studio the personal studio of proprietor Steve Boyce.

Have a look.

Oleg Stavrowsky

Visit Oleg's art print galleryOleg Stavrowsky is a realist painter of the contemporary and the historic West. He is one of the most recognizable of western painters today because of his unique painting style. Oleg’s paintings carry his personal signature with the underpinning of great draftsmanship, broad brush strokes, dynamic colors and pushing the envelope of illustrator’s techniques.

Visit Stavrowsky's studio

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ARTprints for sale

ARTprints by Oleg Stavrowsky

Impressions of Early America by Leo Bryant

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Artist's view of the history of the buffalo during the expansion of the American West

The Kansas City Monarchs produced Baseballs Hall of Fame Players

Invasion of the Sea Peoples, 12th Century BCE

16th Century Japan, the mission of Francis Xavier

Noble House Gallery

The Joy of Sculpture

American Prairie Settlement

Preserving America's Carousel Heritage

The Epic Voyage of Hasekura Tsunenaga

William Adams the first Englishman to Visit Japan 1600

Art History

Ancient Ships

The likely appearance of the Ark of the Covenant

Angel Images: An Angelic Journey Through Time

Daggers, and Swords of Bronze age Cultures

The Temple of Solomon with the Columns Joachim and Boaz

Nubia: The source of the gold used to build the "Ark of the Covenant"

The 16th Century and the first 100 years of the Globalization of trade

St. Francis Xavier meets Otomo Sorin the King of Bungo

James I of England and his personal correspondence with Tokugawa Ieyasu

Art Prints

Publishing fine art prints with


ARTprints for sale

ARTprints by Oleg Stavrowsky

Impressions of Early America by Leo Bryant


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