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Joachim / Boaz
Solomon's Temple

Ancient Mystery
Chester Comstock

History of Golf
Mary Queen of Scots

Art History
Bronze Weapons

Article: Angelic
Journey In Time

Francis Xavier
Co_Founder of the Jesuit Order and Missionary to Japan
Mission to Japan

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Notes from the journal of Lewis and Clark at the Great Falls of the Missouri July 1805

A series of articles about the historical links between the opening of the west and eradication of the Buffalo

General Philip H. Sheridan commander of the Division of the Missouri from (1867-1883)

The Era of the buffalo hunter flowered during the years of Sheridans command of the Division of the Missouri

Indians hunting Buffalo

A classical theme of the romantic west, Catlin, Bodmer, Miller, Kane, Bierstadt and other artists depict their view of the Event
The Epic Voyage of Hasekura Tsunenaga (1613-1620) Date Masamune sent Hasekura to Europe as a political envoy to open trade with the west
William Adams the first Englishman to visit Japan (1600-20) William Adams fate was to become a chief adviser on foreign trade to the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu
The life and times of Hosokawa Tadaoki (1564-1645) A warrior and teamaster,one of the great players of the Sengoku Period of Japan

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The first successful summiting of Mount Everest

The first summiting of Mount Everest corresponded roughly with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

An Angelic Journey Through Time

A  review of the development of the Iconography of angels throughout art history starting with Pre Dynastic Egypt. This article was also published in the Spring 2003 issue of the quarterly art magazine "Sculptural Pursuit"
Art History, Angleic Journey In Time

Preserving America's Carousel Heritage

A brief history of the art of carving Carousel Horses, including themes from art history that inspired the carvers
American Carousels

American Prairie Settlement

The settlement of the American plains states and the conversion of the prairies to farm lands is an untold story of heroic proportions. This article shows in detail the images from the early settlement years.
American Prairie Settlement

The Kansas City Monarchs produced some of baseball's greatest legacies.

The Negro Leagues of American Baseball produced some of the best players in baseball.
Byron Johnosn's legacy was great both on and off of the baseball diamond.

Alonzo Clemons, Prodigious Savant a real rainman

Prodigious Savant Alonzo Clemon's studio
Savant Artsit creates beautiful bronzes

"Master of the Drive"

The masterful and dynamic leadership of John Elway on the football field has rarely been exceeded. "The Drive" was a defining moment in the career of a master doing his work. Raelee Frazier's "Master Of The Drive" captures the essence of this moment in football history.
John Elway "Master Of The Drive"

Mary Queen of Scots early association with the Game of golf

A brief account of the life of Mary Queen of Scotts and her association with the early begnnings of the sport of Golf
Mary Queen of Scotts and her association with the sport of Golf

Joy Of Sculpture

The Denver Sculpture Societies, 5th Annual Fine Art Sculpture in Bronze, Terra cotta, Wood, Stone and Mixed Media, hosted and held at the Colorado Historical Museum in Denver Colorado.
Denver Sculpture Society "Joy Of Sculpture"

Joachim and Boaz

Art History, a description of the Columns installed at the Temple of Solomon, the eleventh wonder of the Ancient World
Solomon's TempleSolomon's Temple
Nubia Land of Gold This article addresses the question, was Nubia, Egypts ancient allie the source of the gold used in the ark of the covenant?
Nubia land of Gold
Art History of 16th Century the first 100 years of the Globalization of trade The story of the patron saint of Christian missions to Asia and Japan is set in a historical background the richness of which few have understood or fully appreciated.
Co_Founder of the Jesuit Order and Missionary to Japan
Weapons of the Bronze Age A selection of images of weapons of the Bronze Age to early Iron Age from 2500 BCE to 500 BCE
Bonze Age WeaponsBonze Age Weapons

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