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Introducing Raelee Frazier

Raelee Frazier with Todd Helton during the life cast process.

Raelee Frazier is no stranger to long hours of difficult and detail oriented hard work. She has been serving the Denver area Arts and Museum community as and artist and mold making specialist for over twenty years. Years of practical experience in creating life casts for exhibits in national museums and mold making for the bronze process preceded the conceptualization of the first prototype for Hitter's Hands.

Sometimes magic happens when it is least expected and is simply the warp and weave our daily existence  combined with  a dedicated, consistent and lasting work ethic. Raelee Frazier has been fortunate enough to grasp the magic of the moment and through dedicated hard work has turned one such occasion into a major life work.

The magic moment for Raelee and her business Highland Studio was the occasion of the arrival of major league baseball in Denver in 1980. The introduction of the Colorado Rockies Franchise to Denver brought a request to her studio from a Denver area restaurant for the creation of a display of baseball related artifacts. The restaurant owners being avid baseball fans wanted to create a  theme oriented environment about baseball for their eating establishment.

Seeking to please her client and come up with the a truly distinctive display Raelee relied on her extensive background with Museum quality displays of historic figures and scientific materials. Raylee's husband Frank had been working with the Denver Museum of Natural history  creating displays for his studies in paleontology and both had collaborated on the creation of scientifically accurate artifacts for various museums. In the recent past Raelee had been ask to create themes using life castings by several historic museums

Enter Charlie Metro. At this critical moment serendipity would see Raelee introduced to the former major league player and newly appointed member of the coaching staff for the new Colorado Rockies franchise. Through their joint collaboration the first prototype of Hitter's Hands was created The sculpture was a copy of Charlie Metoro's hands holding a bat.

The collaboration with Charlie Metro has endured and prospered through the last twenty years. Charlie provides introductions and leads to the sports community when and if needed and Raelee handles with grace and considerable social skills the various  personalities involved. 

Raelee is very capable of  turning a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable life casting sessions  into a special event and making the life cast sessions into a pleasant  social experience for the various sports personalities involved. The end results of this collaboration have become a significant contribution to the history of baseball and sports memorabilia.

These life cast bronze sculptures produced by this process capture the touch, power, and detail of the great hitter's of the game standing at the plate waiting for the next pitch. Each piece is a masterful creation by the distinguished artist Raelee Frazier of Highland Studio in Denver Colorado. 

The characteristic element that distinguishes the Hitter's Hands collectables from other sports Memorabilia is the fact that these art works bring a living part of the Baseball Player into collectible. In addition a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity carries the players signature in ink as well the customized laser cut Louisville Slugger Bat and base. No other sports memorabilia offers the collector three signatures associated with a single item including a certificate of authenticity signed by the player and artist.

Hitter's Hands has embraced the hitter's opposition and created the legendary hands of some of the most dominate pitchers in the Major leagues holding the seams of the baseball.

Raelee has expanded the scope of her efforts to include sports and areas of interest other than baseball. She has recently cast the hands of footballs great quarterbacks, golfing legends and the high priest of mountaineering Sir Edmund Hillary

An article on the process of creating these bronzes was published by the Christian Science Monitor.

A partial list of museums housing sculpture from Highland Studio and Raelee Frazier's art.

The Smithsonian Institution:
American History Division

The Smithsonian Institution:
Natural History Division

The Denver Art Museum

South Dakota State Historical Society

Ft. Leavenworth Frontier
Army Museum, Kansas 

Iowa State Historical Museum

Colorado State Historical Society

Akta Lakota Sioux Museum

Skylite Museum

Virginia State Historical Society

 California State Parks Division

Negro League Museum
Kansas City Mo.

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