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Purchase This Book

Moments Of Motion
Captured In Pure Line Define The Sculptures
of Michael Schneider

"Pas de Deux"
Price $ 450.00

Michael's ability to use a single line to define his forms is a powerful tool which he is currently developing. I admire his choice of the single line element as the expression for his vision. This methodology is at the root of creatively defining art and is an extremely adaptable technique for imaging any form that needs to be defined spatially.

A single line is all that is required
to define any geometry in space

These sculptures are one of a kind
and are available for immediate delivery
For a larger image and/or additional information on the sculptures click on image thumbnails
"At The Cou de Pied"
Woven Wire Sculpture
20"H X 11" W X 6" D
price includes
$30.00 for shipping

Price: $205.00
"Donning the Slipper"
Woven Wire Sculpture
8"H X 11" W X 6" D
price includes $30.00 for shipping

Price: $155.00
"The Lift"
Woven Wire Sculpture
14"H X 14" W X 6" D
price includes $30.00 for shipping

Price: $430.00
"The Pirouette"
Woven Wire Sculpture
15"H X 11" W X 6" D
price includes $30.00 for shipping

Price: $205.00

For more information Contact:

Michael Schnieder
8385 Newland Court
Littleton Co.
(303) 478-7392


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