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Australian Shepherd, Aussie Dog, Bronze sculpture

Australian Shepherd

24" Wide x 11" High x 8" Deep
Price: $3,000.00

This bronze sculpture was created as a collaborative effort between the artist and Leslie Sorensen, who is an Aussie Breeder, and an ASCA ( Australian Shepherd Club of America) Senior Breeder Judge. Leslie has been judging Australian Shepherds since 1973 and currently judges ASCA and AKC specialty events.

Breed Standard for Australian Shepherds We did this bronze sculpture in 1985 so that Leslie could show other breeders what she considered to be essential conformation and type qualities in Australian Shepherd dogs. The diverse types within the breed have been combined in this sculpture to exemplify the ideal show type of Australian Shepherds at that time (1985). Doing the sculpture  was an essential step to take to help establish an ideal dog. 

Australian Shepherds have recently been accepted to the American Kennel Club in 1993. This sculpture  is an important representation of an ideal dog done during its historic progression,  visit the Australian Shepherd Home Page for more information.  Because this representation of the Aussie was produced before the AKC accepted the breed, the bronze sculpture could become a valuable collectable particularly for breeders of these dogs

 The bronze sculpture was used for the Front cover of the Australian Shepherd Quarterly in the summer of 1986.  

"To Collect a Comstock Is to Own a Classic"

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Comstock Sculpture Studio
1201 West Thornton Parkway #313
Thornton C0. 80260 
Telephone (303) 657 9778


Chester is a participant in the Fifth Annual Exhibit of the Denver Sculpture Society at the Colorado Historical Museum Oct 11th-13th 2002

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