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The Giclee Printing Process

There are several different approaches to creating fine art prints. Your art prints will be the product of the application of one or more of these processes depending on which approach is used.We can digitize an art image by scanning the original art or from digitizing a color balanced photograph taken of the art. basically the steps are:

  1. DIGITIZE: The image needs to be digitized. This can be accomplished by taking a photo of the work and scanning the photo or by scanning the original art.

  2. CORRECT: Once digitized by scanning, the image file is analyzed for color balance, contrast, brightness and many other criteria. If scratches or dust specks are found, imperfections are removed at this stage. See: Art Prints Archive for an example

  3. ENLARGE: (Optional) If your image is low resolution, we can optionally enlarge it in most cases and retain image quality through using a powerful software-driven process.

  4. PROOF: Proofing is simply a way of running test strips or small examples of the print to determine if the setup phase needs tweaking. It's important the Color Master have a good eye for color and value (levels of gray). When satisfied with the proof, it's presented to the client and additional changes are made or, if approved, we move on to the final phase. Now, the final art print is sized and printed. It's interesting to note that the giclée can be reprinted any number of times at different sizes and always appear the same as the first.

  5. SATISFACTION: Finally, the gicléesoif your art pritns, and CD with digitized image are delivered to you satisfaction guaranteed.

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