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Credits and Links

The following pages have contributed to the
overall content of "The Ships of Antiquity"

  •   “Ark Of The Covenant” This file is a critical analysis of the likely appearance of the “Ark Of The Covenant”

  •    Ancient Greek Ships An excellent in depth reference site with links to reading materials and Internet sites on ancient ships.

  •   Phoenicia Everything you wanted to know about the culture and accomplishments of the enigmatic Phoenicians. There is much to be learned fro exploring this site.

  •     1 Kings Chapter 5 An account of the trade relations between Solomon and the King of Tyre.

  •     Sea Peoples An analysis of the likely origins of the Sea Peoples.

  •    Kyrenia II  excavation of a 5th century BCE trading ship

  •    Timelines and Events Brief timeline analysis of major events leading to the creation and installation of the Ark to the 1st temple.

  •    Uluburun Bronze Age Shipwreck  The INA has used the excavation of this site to set new standards for the conduct of Underwater archeology. This site is a literal time capsule of information about the nature of trade in the Middle East during the late period of the second millennium 1300 BCE.

  •    Cape Gelidonya Another INA archeological site revealing the Cargo of a Bronze Age ship Circa 1200 BCE.

  •     Virtual Egypt Extensive visual references to the artifacts of this culture

  •      Kufu Builder of the Great pyramid

  •    Sahure Sent trading expeditions to Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. Created seafaring ships

  •     Queen If Sheba A beautifully done set of files on the life and inspiration of the Queen of Sheba.

  •     Argonautica. An overview of the legend of the Argo

  •   Tektas Shipwreck Excavation 

  •    List of ship finds

  •   The Perseus Project Tufts university database of information on antiquities

  •    Journey of Wenamen relates the travel and travails of an Egyptian shopping for Cedar Logs1200BCE

  •    Pharoanic Egypt is a resource for information about the ancient Egyptian culture.

  •    Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia Museum Web site  
  •    Mendinet Habu The Temple of Rameses lll records his exploits against the Sea people and the ships that were involved in the conflict both Egyptian and others.

  •   The Perseus Project Tufts university database of information on antiquities 
  •    Greek Ship a Trireme Home page of the Trireme Trust
  • mHaifa Naval Museum Israel Contact information for the Museu

    The following links have been lost since
    the ships of antiquity web pages were created

  •   The Battle of Salamis in its complete historic context by Dr V.G. Callender associate Professor MacQuarie University.

  •    The Battle Of Salamis Romantic art depicting the Battle of Salamis

  •   Ships on Stamps (Hatshepsut's Ship) Stamps as art, various stamps with the images of Egyptian Ships

  •   Santorini The Island of Thera where archeology has revealed the ancient cultures of the Aegean Sea.

  •     Basket Boats

  •     Model of a Roman merchant ship, of the Corbita type

  •     Punic Warship
  •     Necho Egyptian Pharaoh credited with having circumnavigated Africa in 600BCE
  •     History of the Punic Warship

  •     Shishak l A brief description of the Pharaoh Shishak I.  Mentioned in the Bible as leading a military Campaign into the Levant and literally standing at the door of Jerusalem to sack it. Much conjecture is being done over the apparent success of his campaign.

  •     "Song Of The Cedars" A poem about the heart of a tree   

  •     Ancient Roman Navy Homepage

  •     Hobby World of Montreal  Ancient ship models for sale.

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