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Tim Hinz
Proclaim Jewelry Collection



19. Bolo-Bronze draped cross on German silver with medium scrolling.

56. Bolo-Bronze draped cross on nickel oval with heavy scrolling.
57. Bolo-Bronze draped cross on nickel oval with light
55. Bolo-Bronze Pax Christi cross on nickel oval with medium scrolling.
44-- Key chain. Nickel oval with bronze Christ cross and light scrolling


Tim Hinz
C/O Hinz Fine Art Studio
8966 2100 Rd.
Austin, CO 81410

Lyn's cell 303-596-8012
Tim's cell 303-596-8017


All images are copyrighted and are solely and wholly owned
by Tim Hinz ©Copyright 2004 Hinz Fine Art Studio

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